#21 decembrance 2017

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I often feel as if I am chanting encouragement to myself as I accomplish my outdoor chores and unfurl new ideas in the studio. The new work feels as if roots in darkness are growing in unknown directions. I accomplished my winter rituals today, putting up our tree and lights, then walking the dog before sunset and lighting a bonfire to extend my outdoor hours. I huddled close to the fire as the temperature dropped, the light faded and icy stars leaned in with a moon sliver for company.

21 decembrance 2017.jpgWinter Solstice Chant
By Annie Finch
Vines, leaves, roots of darkness, growing,
now you are uncurled and cover our eyes
with the edge of winter sky
leaning over us in icy stars.
Vines, leaves, roots of darkness, growing,
come with your seasons, your fullness, your end.

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