February 2010 Archives


White clay seems like the appropriate palette for this time of year especially the winter of 2010. We had over 24 inches of snow last weekend and we are getting more as I type.

bone cup_2222.jpgI often think of winter as being barren, the landscape stripped to the essential bones of structure, but with the recent snows the simplicity I find inspiring is the minimalism that happens through blanketing and softening.

snow horizon_2244.jpgI am always drawn to views composed only of hill and sky. When storms pull in and views are reduced to a limited palette of gray and white it reminds me of slip and clay.

horizon plates raw_2229.jpgThere are moments when the landscape seems flattened like a drawing and then pops into more intricate and sculptural 3-dimensional forms.

slab-pot landscape raw_2249.jpgslab-pot landscape raw_2250.jpgThe drifting snow has allowed my imagination to make new connections  and translations from the summer palette of stoneware and the woodfired kiln to porcelain in the gas fired kiln.

text plates woodfired_2253.jpg
text plate porcelain bisque_2232.jpg