# 20 decembrance 2017

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Tonight driving home through traffic towards the Blueridge Mountains my heart lifted at the sight of the new moon. I have come to love the waxing crescent as a sign of hope. I have learned to carry both sorrow and have faith in change like the phases of the moon. On my drive I listened to a new to me band called Ranky Tanky. The song Watch That Star caught my imagination. Part of the lyrics go, "If the star run down on the western hills, you ought to watch that star. See how it runs." I drove west, watching the star, the moon, the sky, and cataloging the different shades of darkness in the landscape as a means of coping with the season.

20 decembrance 2017.jpgNew Moon - Ted Kooser

How much it must bear on its back,
a great ball of blue shadow,
yet somehow it shines, keeps up
an appearance. For hours tonight,
I walked beneath it, learning.
I want to be better at carrying sorrow.
If my face is a mask, formed over
the shadows that fill me,
may I smile on the world like the moon. 

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