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A friend invited me to pick some tulips from her garden. Each blossom we snipped inspired and reinforced our friendship and the appreciation of the moment of may flowers. Each leaf, every shadow even the roots pushing against the earth became apparent as if each movement was part of a greater sense of balance. Each flower belongs to itself but her inspiration that got the bulbs planted in the fall and then her gift of spring stems reminds me of how our lives support each other.

shield vase white tulips.jpgShaking the Tree
Vine and branch we're connected in this world

of sound and echo, figure and shadow, the leaves

contingent, roots pushing against earth. An apple

belongs to itself, to stem and tree, to air

that claims it, then ground. Connections

balance, each motion changes another. Precarious,

hanging together, we don't know what our lives

support, and we touch in the least shift of breathing.

Each holy thing is borrowed. Everything depends.

-Jeanne Lohmann

shield vae crazy tulips.jpg