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white evening

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wf-29-controlled-cooling-plates1.jpgThis month has been a dream of meals. Dinners with friends, old and new, both close to home and far a field. We have had new tastes and ingredients as well as familiar comforts. But the special moment was the White Evening at Omen A Zen in New York City.
white-evening.jpgOmen has been open for 35 years and Warren and I have been making plates, bowls,  cups and vases for the restaurant for almost that long. It has been a meeting of minds, hearts, families and tastes.

nothingess-long.jpgFrom dreams about sizes, shapes and colors of plate and food to the actual moment of the meal, we have practiced, improvised, laughed and cried.

sashimi.jpgThis meal was a such a celebration of friendship and collaboration it's hard to reconstruct how it came to be.

mikio.jpgThanks to all who had a hand in making it happen but especially Mikio Shinagawa.



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