#19 winter solstice 2009

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Snow day! Eighteen inches and counting. As the light faded I went out in my long, red down coat, boots and waterproof pants as well as two ski poles. My steps were slow and deliberate, searching for firm footing before shifting weight. My dog bounded and hopped like some cartoon character sniffing with her nose buried in the snow. The piled powder shifted and exaggerated the shapes of buried pots and plants. The jar on the porch had a new interpretation of shoulder and neck. The transformation simplifies and elaborates the landscape. As daylight drained, the snow swirled in its own light.

19-snow-shoulder.jpg"An hour after midday the light was gone and we drove on through the white darkness of the Polar night. The details of the landscape melted strangely one into the other like frozen fog, and little ice-covered hills looked like mountains."
--Rasmussen in 1921 quoted by Gretel Ehrlich, This Cold Heaven,  p. 46

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