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bus man's holiday

You can take a potter to the beach but you can't keep her from looking for clay.

1 ditch plains.jpgMost people come to the beach to stare at the horizon or surf the waves but these cliffs set my geologic mind rolling. I remember surf trips from my teenage years to Montauk and the cliffs and clay along parts of the beach. My brothers will tell you about the waves but my memories are lined with pinch pots and squishing my toes in the sandy clay.
9 foot print.jpgDon't get me wrong. I love the waves the salt and adventures, but I was glad to rediscover the mix of clay, rock and ocean. Finding footprints in the clay was like evidence of the origins of current inspirations.

5 found bowl w seaweed.jpgFound dried curled chunks of clay lifted from the sand was like discovering a gift of magical bowls complete with a curl of seaweed.

8 exposed rock.jpgThe evidence of erosion left beautiful rocks exposed.

3 ditch plains.jpgA found drawing made of colored clays, sand, and rock was evidence that others have been as inspired by this place as I was.

6 found drawing.jpgIt was hard to leave.

7 ditch chunk.jpg