wheels of inspiration

I have been reading about Hans Coper recently. I am always taken by his ability to take an idea and explore the variety of a single theme. He was concerned with an modern feeling of form. The  quality of surface was developed not in terms of decoration but integrated through layers of slip sanding and rubbing he created depth.

hans coper composite verticle.jpg"The wheel imposes its economy, dictates limits, provides momentum and continuity. Concentrating on continuous variations of simple themes I become part of the process. I am learning to operate a sensitive instrument which may be resonant to my experience of existence now in this fantastic century." Hans Coper

hans coper horizontal.jpgWhen I am taken with an artist I try to look at not only what they did but where they derived their inspiration. Coper had a great love for cycladic forms and admiration for the sculptors Brancusi and Giacometti.

giacometti-chariot-figure-2009.jpgAs I am slowed down by my fracture and get around on crutches and a wheel chair I am struck by the photos of Coper in his wheelchair at the end of his life.

hans-coper-wheelchair-2009.jpgImages of sculptures and pots that include wheels ignite my imagination and pen.



lovely post and you've hit on three of my favorites... coper, brancusi and giacometti. brancusi was my favorite in college when i was a sculpture major along with noguchi. i liked coper but when i finally saw one in person it blew me away, the subtleties aren't capture in many of the photos.

I haven't checked in on your blog the last month, so sorry to hear about your leg. Hope your healing well. It looks like your keeping busy... ah, times like these slow us down only to open up another area of our creativity. A good time to look into to other artists too. Hans Coper... one of my absolute favorites! I saw show of his work at Garth Clark, NYC 1985ish. My thoughts of pottery were changed forever!

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