#15-flocks of gray-solstice 2008

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In the late afternoon I drew with shades of gray between the necks of my bottles, looking for subtle contrasts in gray and white. At 4:30 I quit to take the dog for her spin. As we rounded the corner of the hillside by the pond there was a flock of six swans. Two of them were young, still a bit gray.  The slight shifts in white and gray against the sunset colors felt just like my drawn background. With their necks extended and twisted I saw bottles in my imagination. We circled the pond, up the road and back down the driveway.  As we stood at the crest of the road, the swans took off and circled overhead, now warm gray against the cool blue-gray sky.  These dog walks as the evening moves into darkness feel centered with grays, while later walks from studio to house are uncentered by the darkness's brute strength before the moon has risen.


Keep writing in the dark:

a record of the night, or

words that pulled you from the depth of unknowing,

words that flew through your mind, strange birds

crying their urgency with human voices,


or opened

as flowers of a tree that blooms

only once in a lifetime:


words that may have the power

to make the sun rise again.


--- Denise Levertov from Writing in the Dark

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