#21 summer summit 2018

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We have reached the summit of this year's project, the longest day for 2018. Before I began this year's series my cousin wrote to say she looked forward to seeing how our trip to Tasmania would influence my work. The sky has given me empathy for continents unknown and tasting little bits of a new hemisphere has me thinking about not only the longest day but the shortest day in the same moment. Through travel I gained new vision and inspiration for materials both distant and local. Looking at piles of sand and clay and rock has refreshed my appreciation for what is close to the bone, whether it is available materials or what grows close to our house. The challenge is always how do we reframe our vision and grow new skin.

21 summer 2018.jpg
the sky a map for continents unknown,
the sky close to the bone, always new skin.
--Peter Cooley, from "Morning Prayer," World Without Finishing: Poems (Carnegie Mellon, 2018)

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