#9 decembrance 2017

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As our open studio approached the first snow began to fall. The snow piled on the shoulders of pots perched outside for the exhibit like I imagine ash accumulating on our pots before it melts into glaze in the wood kiln. It was cold enough and still enough to stick on each branch, pot, and the light bulbs still hanging in the sugar maple. We had a lovely steady stream of visitors to talk pots, adventures, art and culture. At the end of the day with a cup of soup we kindle friendship with a few candles to celebrate fire, pots, and light.

09-decembrance-2017-small.jpgThe wall of cold descends

Near the end of our annual solstice party

as guests were rummaging through the pile

for their coats and hugging many goodbyes

the very first snow of the year began

to eddy down in big flat flakes.

It was cold enough to stick, with the grass

poking through and then buried.

Now the ground gives it back

under the low ruddy sun that sits

on the boughs of the pine like a fox

if red foxes could climb. The cats

crowd the windows for its touch.

The Wolf Moon seemed bigger than

the sun, almost brighter as last night

it turned the snow ghostly.

Now it too wanes. The nub end

of the year when all northern

cultures celebrate fire and light.

Tonight we'll take the first two candles

to kindle one from the other.

by Marge Piercy

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