#5 decembrance 2017

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The rain in today's forecast only fell after the sun had set. I walked in the grey dusk spending a few minutes until full dark doing garden clean up. I have saved my overgrown okra, letting it dry and split to become sculptural additions to my pots. I have needed my mistakes to become their own form in their own order. I go away for a few days only to return to admire the reflection of the tree in the pond in the last moments of the December light.

05-decembrance-2017-small.jpgAll night in the dark valley

the sound of rain arriving

from another time

September when the wind

drops and to us it seems

that the days are waiting

I needed my mistakes

in their own order
to get me here

Here is the full moon

bringing us


I call that singing bird my friend

though I know nothing else about him

and he does not know I exist

What is it that I keep forgetting

now I have lost it again

right here

I have to keep telling myself

why I am going away again

I do not seem to listen

In my youth I believed in somewhere else

I put faith in travel

now I am becoming my own tree
--   W.S. Merwin, from The Moon Before Morning, published by Copper Canyon Press.

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