#3 decembrance 2017

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We have spent a day in the city, taking a break from the quiet of our studio life and normal patterns, checking in with other potter friends and family. There was a stop at the Museum of Modern Art to see the Louise Bourgeois exhibit where we wandered alone and together gathering the raw visual material of art. Afterwards we fed our souls with an incredible meal at Omen Azen filling the circles of our life with stories and memories revisiting pots we have made from the 80's until this year.

03-decembrance-2017-small.jpgFor Bourgeois, aloneness was the raw material of art -- something she crystallized most potently half a century later, in a diary entry from the summer of 1987:

You are born alone. You die alone. The value of the space in between is trust and love. That is why geometrically speaking the circle is a one. Everything comes to you from the other. You have to be able to reach the other. If not you are alone...

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