#1 decembrance 2017

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Here is the first image in my December project formerly known as the solstice project. The usual sequence is 21 images with thoughts counting down towards December 21, the shortest day of the year. I was very taken by a series called Novembrance by Nina MacLaughlin in the November Paris Review. I have been thinking about renaming my project for some time and because of my tendency to focus on memories of my childhood, parents and early defining experiences on these short days I am taking a page from her series and for now, renaming this series Decembrance.

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The Spanish author Julio Llamazares makes a case for memory in his elegiac novel The Yellow Rain:

"Sometimes you think you have forgotten everything, that the rust and dust of the years have destroyed all the things we once entrusted to their voracious appetite. But all it takes is a noise, a smell, a sudden unexpected touch, and suddenly all the alluvium of time sweeps pitilessly over us, and our memories light up with all the brilliance and fury of a lightening flash."

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