#21 winter solstice 2009

Today is the shortest day of the year. The sun sets early and I'm posting this message before the light merges with night. I have numbered the short days with captured images to share new stories of the year.

21-monkey-balls-2.jpg"As black days came unnumbered, merging with night, the pulaar--visits between villagers---started up again. They told new stories about animal and human doings, about the demise of their traditional lifeways and melting ice caps, and waited in their cold heaven, for the coming of light."
--Gretel Ehrlich, This Cold Heaven, p. 356.


I am sorry this series is coming to an end. I have thoroughly enjoyed the images and reading your texts...
Merry Christmas and hopefully I can join you with more ceramics at the Corcoran in 2010.

This series has been perfect -- stark & thoughtful - just like winter. Thanks!

i've really enjoyed your inspiration, nice work

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