postcard drawings

I got inspired to send a postcard. I needed one with an original drawing, so I ended up with ten drawings, one on each of my "tool" postcards.  Here's a couple, the rest are on the "extended" link.




[The flip-side collages are here.]








Hi Catherine I love your postcards and all your wonderful drawings. your sensibility and sensitivity to light, to form, to color, to shape, to life is something that has always enthralled and inspired me! I'm amazed that so much time has gone by since we first met, and then were roomies in our first experience of "living on our own". I think that time with you, your style and your free form way of living, affected me for my whole life. Having grown up in such a tight kind of an artistic house, where art was more bought and appreciated, kept clean and organized kind of popped out of it's shell when I met you, and went to your parent's loft and hung around you trapsing around NYC and then eating out of your handmade bowls, with chop sticks and vases of flowers all around...i've continued that for all these years...married someone who kind of has his style in that, and had a daughter who has her own style...
it's so cool and exciting and also tough and scary that zoe's going off to college next year. i can hardly believe it. and tika will be starting high school. i definitely am having a hard time believing that too....she's going to a big one, public, only a mile and a half or so from our house! and very mixed and also very challenging and also with dance and all kinds of fun extra stuff...
so...and turning 50 wow. that was a trip. and now your turn....i would so love to see you toooooo,
what are you going to do for your birthday? i'm probably going to be teaching a course until right before it, and then ????? let me know what's cooking over there. we're heading out to california for most of july. and then here in chicago for august. my niece jessica is getting married at the beginning and then tika has high school orientation stuff ...we may come east over labor day weekend...aren't sure yet.
anyway, love your blog! are you on face book too??? is zoe???? tika is already...yikes. i'm not. bill is, through this art of living youth green team thing. i can't be bothered yet. i can barely keep up with the emails i already get, and all the piles and the lists i can't seem to keep up with lately....
ahhhhh, ok. enough for now. much love and hugs and kisses and blessings....embo

U R SO PROLIFIC!!!! WOW SO GReat you've put it all on line. love seeing it.
getting tired now tho. all your creativity is making me feel lethargic...maybe cause i just ate a big dinner and it's after 10 you cath.
hope to c u soon!

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