#4 summer solstice 2016

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I have been looking at Richard Diebenkorn's drawings all week, imagining them as backdrops for my pots. These drawings speak the same language as those my Dad drew of the laden table in my childhood. There are cups and plates, scissors  and flowers. These drawings call to me like Greek sirens, demanding my attention to everyday objects. Diebenkorn's drawings of  shoes, flowers, an envelope, the coffee cup are so human, full of loose marks and revisions, just like my Dad's drawings of a salt and pepper shaker on the table, a pair of shoes, his sculpture stand, and plants in the window.  I was thrilled to find the drawing of my unicycle leaned up against the living room mantlepiece.  There, in today's full sight is one obsession of my early teen years  Such drawings convey not only the world around my father, but his appreciation of and his attention towards his surroundings and thus the character within.

04 summer 2016.jpg
Nothing is more abstract than reality.
--Giorgio Morandi

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this vignette is particularly appealing to me especially the scissors, a little slice of life, simple and yet poignant

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