summer solstice #8 2010

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Last summer when I planted my lettuce I had a dream of planting my red and green lettuces like a painting. I carefully laid them out and tucked them in, then watered and went away for the weekend. On our return the deer had hopped the fence and pulled them all out. This year with a new fence the probability of the deer hopping the fence was small. I alternated the reds and greens with great expectations of beautiful ground cover and salads. When my intern was here I caught myself constantly replying--when she asked what I was doing--that I was trying a new version of an old idea. I had never quite done it this way. I would stop and show her the old object and the new variation and say it's a bit of an experiment. I aim for an idea and then try to be accepting of the result my hand provides.

8-lettuce-bowl.jpg"But uncertainty can just as easily be infused with hope, expectation, and probability; it is about being receptive; it contains its own archives of anticipation. It brings us to a state of possibility. Ceramists confront this every day." Akiko Busch, The Ecology of Uncertainty

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