summer solstice #9 2010

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In 1982 when I first brought pots to the restaurant Omen as examples Mikio, the owner, had said to me, "I need large plates and bowls." I said, "Great, I love to make platters and big bowls."  I brought things Mikio thought looked like bathtubs. I have learned that large is a relative term and in Japanese cuisine there is room for many tiny dishes. A large plate is 8-10 inches. Earlier in the year we sent pots for a photo shoot for a cookbook that Elizabeth Andoh is writing.  I searched my shelves for small interesting things for plating her recipes. The challenge sparked my interest in the beauty of small contours--the interaction of food and small pot.

9-peas.jpg"Craft is about the transformation of substance; it is about the possibility
of one thing becoming another and about accepting ambiguity. And if uncertainty is a liability in the age of information, in the world of craft, it is a material reality, an opportunity, a chance." --Akiko Busch, The Ecology of Uncertainty

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