summer solstice #7 2010

I have been amazed this season by the onion family of plants. My leeks that survived the winter have put on a great show. I am intrigued with the difference between the plants in my garden and my neighbor's. We bought our seedlings on the same day from the same place, but the differences of soil, light and planting time have played a huge part in their development. It makes me think that when I try to make a pot the same way a year later or twenty years later it will always be a new version.

7-leek-full-flower.jpg"Nor is the tide itself really much to count on. Repetition is rarely the exact science we imagine. The mathematics of the tide are imprecise, its rise and fall influenced by the angle of the sea bed, the depth of a channel or width of the bay at its mouth. It's good to be reminded of this--that every time we think we can measure the world, know its shape or how it moves, some new dimension is presented to us to throw our calculations off."--Akiko Busch, The Ecology of Uncertainty


Thanks for your summer solstice salad of ideas...pumpkin seeds, daylilies, leeks and all those greens. Great food for thought!

Connections, uncertainty, reflection, possibilities all are inspiring words. Your pots and the drawings the shadows are so elegant and full of energy. Words and visuals are the inspiration for beginning my summer in a more creative way. Thank you.

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