#5 winter solstice 2014

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As I walk my property in my baggy grey sweats I have been collecting leaves and putting them in my vases as if they were gold. The bony arms of light on these short days point out the details of bare branches and the glamorous height of the trees.

05 winter 2014.jpgNo Good

Isn't it terrible in fall
how the leaves remind you
of all the money
you will never have
not ever
cool millions raining
from the hands
of those big shots
you never see in person
living up there
in the glamorous trees
so casually housing the grass
every side of flame
isn't it exhausting
recording all that's been
on fire for little
or no pay
bony arms of light
to poke your eyes
from a tricked out sky
another day in baggy
gray sweatpants
isn't each day shorter
than short
isn't it one kind of life
and not another
hearing what the dead
have to say directly
saving every receipt
picking out what doesn't
belong between your teeth
just to have it return
as expected like no other

by David Feinstein

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