#3 winter solstice 2014

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As a potter my focus is often on how the inside volume of a piece is expressed on the outside. The poet and potter are focused on expressing the sensibility of the weather and the season through form, surface and how  their work functions in the world of use. Tonight as I walked to the house after a rainy day, the sun had set, the sky had cleared and there was a beautiful fog illuminated by the moon beyond the trees.

03 winter 14.jpg"I think a poet's focus is not quite what a prose writer's is; it's not entirely on the world outside. It's fixed on that area where the inside meets the outside, where the poet's sensibility meets the weather, meets the street, meets other people, meets what he reads. So a poet describes that point of contact: the self, the edge of the self, and the edge of the world."

--Mark Strand, The Art of Poetry No. 77, Interview by Wallace Shawn,
The Paris review

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