winter solstice #18 2010

On the evening dog walk the moon was obscured by a gentle haze. The sunset colors reflected and spread as if to say the gears are shifting to lighter days.


Winter Fear
by Kay Ryan

Is it just winter
or is this worse.
Is this the year 

when outer damp

obscures a deeper curse

that spring can't fix, 

when gears that

turn the earth

won't shift the view,

when clouds won't lift

though all the skies

go blue.


Hi Catherine,
I'm surfing the web for information about the winter solstice at chaco this tuesday. I found your posts and find your ceramics combined with sketches to be truly beautiful. nicely combined with Kay's poetry, Wow! I'm new to the Cortez area, migrating here from the Northwest. I'm really excited about going to Chaco for this auspicious event. Have my fingers crossed for a clear sky.



Hi, Catherine. I do love the pots made with the brick clay. And I've been enjoying the solstice series. Happy holidays to you.

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