summer solstice #4 2010

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This morning I walked my dog and my neighbor's dog through her field. I engaged in a bit of that old saying, the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. The open fields beckoned, the varied plants in her garden invited me in and I swiped a few flowers for my photos and table.

"What I particularly appreciate about the journey of words that Akiko Busch takes us on, is that while there may be uncertainty, there is also certainty. She is a writer who moves fluidly between concepts and between the natural world and the one we have made. Because she has mastered her material--language, that is--the reader can follow her investigations
and trust her as a guide. We can move back and forth between skill and mystery, with one informing the other. That is, I believe, the place where art is made." --Stuart Kestenbaum's introduction to Akiko Busch's The Ecology of Uncertainty

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