summer solstice #3 2010

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In the garden I have been planting pumpkin seeds, saved from last year's Cinderella pumpkins. I loved the lobed carriage shape so much I let it decompose slowly in a slab outside the studio. When I hacked the dessicated, shrunken object apart to get at the seeds I was unsure they would really sprout. But now that those first green shoots are emerging I am infused with a great sense of hope and possibility.

3-pumkin-seed-drip.jpgIn the studio I have had a high school senior as an intern for the last three weeks. Today is her last day. Yesterday she seriously approached the application of layers of slip on her bowls and cups. Her grandparents have bought many of my pots over the years, so it's as if she is a native speaker in the language of my pottery. She knows which drips she likes; what finger rings appeal. She applied her layers of slip deep in the state of uncertainty as to how these coats will transform in the heat of the kiln, but receptive to the expression and possibility of the art of the drip.

 "But uncertainty can just as easily be infused with hope, expectation, and probability; it is about being receptive; it contains its own archives of anticipation. It brings us to a state of possibility."--Akiko Busch, The Ecology of Uncertainty

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Good to see you online again, Catherine. Lovely images.

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