summer solstice #20 2010

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The apricot on my plate is not local, but it was so beautiful I couldn't resist the photograph. Zoe tells me that our blueberry bushes have spoiled her so she can't eat grocery store berries anymore. For dinner we picked broccoli from the garden; it is a much more intense green when cooked than any thing I ever buy from the grocery. An evening swim cooled our bodies and slowed us down so we could take the time to watch the clouds shape-shift and mark how far the sun has moved at sunset.

20-apricot.jpg"We live in a world which we are increasingly distanced from the natural rhythm of things. Our diet usually has little to do with what foods are in season; when days are short, we simply turn on the lights earlier; and while our travels may be inconvenienced by climate certainly they are not governed by it. I can't help but wonder, then if the appeal of swimming simply has to do with the reaffirmation of the body in a simple rhythm."   Nine Ways to Cross a River, Akiko Busch, page 52

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wow very nice still life...

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