summer solstice #19 2010

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Today went by in such a rush that I forgot to take a photo. (Today's image is from earlier in the month.) I had lots of visitors to the gallery, dinner on the porch and two birthday cakes! In the dusk we walked down to the pond feeling like it was truly a summer evening.  Zoe and I lay on the dock looking at the sky when a great blue heron flew over us barely ten feet away. Its slow flapping wings brought an index of memories of  summer evening to mind. Memories in full moon light or swimming in pitch black flashed before my eyes.The trees lit up with fireflies as if they were Christmas lights.  I have to breathe deep and remember it doesn't get much better than this.

19-honeysuckle.jpg "I think of that index of the unknown that we all carry with us. I haven't the faintest idea bout what kind of lives my sons will lead, though as with most parents, that often seems like the thing that matters most. Nor do I have any idea about how my own life will play out or where, though at fifty-two, that information suddenly seems more important to me than it has before. And I think of all the mysteries of intention and desire that keep us wondering about even those people we know best." Nine Ways to Cross a River, Akiko Busch, page 194

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