summer solstice #11 2010

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Warren came in from mowing the other day and sighed saying "nature is winning." This is how it often feels in June.

11grass-cocoon.jpg"We say things, we make things, we do things. And so much of what we say and make and do demands knowledge--an intimacy with material, the acquisition of skills, the ten thousand hours of doing a single thing until you know every shape a word, a cup, a blade, a chair can take, an understanding of texture and shape and tendency, knowing what will happen to things when you touch them and when you don't, what happens when you leave it rough or polish it until it shines, understanding the passage of time and the difference between a minute and an hour and a week and a year and what all of those will do to a length of wood or a piece of paper or the sound of a sentence. Knowledge, practice, repetition, familiarity, how to bend or shape an iron rod, a clay slab, a paragraph--our lives and work depend on this." The Ecology of Uncertainty, Akiko Busch

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