#18 winter solstice 2013

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After dinner I called in my barking dog and was struck by the reflected moonlight on the pond. I am part of the pond I was born in. I have art making as part of my DNA. I am part of the pond of love my Mom and Dad created. They spawned four tree children and they left a trail of stuff behind them that threatens to break the roots of love between these children. Sometimes I think the ancient Chinese had it right by taking all their things into the next life. Good to be buried with everything because, who knows, in the after life you might need that old frying pan or the rusty tools, or the book you had not finished reading.

_MG_9495.jpgThere is a greater contrast between the moon and the night sky than there is between the sun and the daytime sky. And this contrast is more conducive to sorrow, which always separates or isolates itself, than it is to happiness, which always joins or blends.
--Mary Ruefle  from Madness, Rack and Honey

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