#20 summer solstice 2013

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I have been photographing rivers and rocks, fields, trees. I have been on the interstate. I have not had a map, but I check my trusty phone for directions every once in a while. I feel like I am letting the river of a few days off take me deep into blues, yellows, clouds, the moon and patterns in fields.

_MG_6237.jpgRiver Map by Mary Ruefle

Being human, I stop

for a moment of rapport

with the external world.

Being on an interstate

there are no robins, fields

or streams nearby.

Being nonetheless

resourceful, I have a map.

I see that I am somewhere on the map.

The road is like a river,

soon it will meet another river.

Better get with it

I say to the map floating downstream,

its blues and yellows still distinct,

folded, not yet wet, an object

of beauty and curiosity

to the birds overhead and

the fishes below.

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