#13 summer solstice 2013

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After the rain I walked down to the studio to check on the pre-heat burner for the kiln. we lit it at 5 and it should climb to 200 degrees Fahrenheit tonight and stay there until the morning to dry out what ever moisture is lurking.The red dirt floor is quiet and clean, the wind is blowing, the wood pile is stacked and this is the moment that I love.It is full of promise and potential. in this moment I remember other firings and look forward to this one. I remember two years ago preparing our fall firing  I had been noticing all the details of the work of the kiln and I forgot to look up at the foot long magnolia leaves in their sculptural dried forms until my helpers collected them in wonderful bouquets.
I tell my students to notice what they notice. Is it the weight of a piece or the feel of a handle or the way a rim meets your lip. Tonight I noticed the curve of the kiln, in front the rough wood pile along side the green of the trees. It was color against texture above form.

"They noticed, you see, that I was a noticing
kind of person, and so they left the dictionary
out in the rain and I noticed it,
I noticed it was open to the rain page,
much harm had come to it, it had aged to the age
of ninety-five paper years and I noticed rainbow
follows rain in the book, just as it does on
earth, and I noticed it was silly of me to
notice so much but I noticed there is no stationary
in heaven, I noticed an infant will grip your hand like
there is no tomorrow, while the very aged
will give you a weightless hand for the same reason,
I noticed in a loving frenzy that some are hemlocked
and others are not (believe me yours unspeakably obliged),
I noticed whoever I met in my search for entrance
into this world went too far (but that was their
destination) and I noticed the road followed roughly
the route of a zipper around a closed case,
I noticed the sea was human but no one believed me,
and that some birds have the wingspan of an inch
and some flowers the petal span of a foot yet the two
are very well suited to each other, I noticed that.
There are eight major emotional states but I forget
seven of them, I can hear the ambulance singing
but I don't think it will stop for me,
because I noticed the space between the waterfall and
the rock and I am safe there, resting in
the cradle of all there is, the way a sea horse
(when it is tired) will tie its tail to a seaweed
and rest, and there has not been, in my opinion,
enough astonishment over this fact, so now I will
withdraw my interest in the whole external world
while I am in the noticing mode, notice how I
talk to you just as if you were sitting on my lap
and not as if it were raining, not as if there were
a sheet of water between us or anything else."
"After Rain", Mary Ruefle

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