slip decoration workshop

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02-coffee.jpgI will be teaching a slip decoration workshop this month at The Little Pottery
Shop and Center for Clay Art and Design
in Frederick, Maryland [117 N. East Street]:

April 20 - 21, Saturday and Sunday
[10am - 4pm each day]

This weekend workshop will focus on a vocabulary and kinetic grammar for applying slips to diverse clay forms. We will explore the poetic potential of texture, line, and pattern. The workshop will include demonstrations, discussion, and hands-on explorations. I will show how large scale drawings with natural materials can be transferred to a related series of clay forms. We will experiment with finger painting, brushwork, sgraffito, and inlay.
Please bring leather-hard slabs or plates, bowls, and vases along with clay to roll out slabs for applying slip. [Clay may also be purchased through the studio.]

The two-day workshop is $275. Even if you are not attending the workshop, please join us for a potluck dinner on Saturday night, which will be followed by a concise image talk. To sign up or for more information please call
(301) 620-7501 or email:


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