seeing the unseen

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glazing-slab-plates.jpgI am glazing pots for the gas kiln. I told a friend I would send some process images. So as the day progressed I snapped some pix. I clicked the shutter and was reminded that one of the skills a potter has is to see into the future. Beginning with a wet mud-like substance, I understand the nature of drying and shrinkage. I can look at the pink of bisque and imagine what the stoneware clay will look like under a high fired celadon glaze. I look at current experiments with incremental additions of iron in the slip and imagine subtle shifts in the creaminess once fired. As I look through my lens with the eye of a non-potter I wondered how they see the transformation and information that a potter takes for granted.

glazing-foot-plates.jpgI look at the plates and visualize impending transformations. These plates will make up sets that are a family of close siblings. I work intuitively taking photos and notes as I focus upon the next group of experiments, stretching my capacity to see the unseen. My dual-edged imagination remembers the raw colors and layers I originally fell in love with and lives for the excitement of fire induced transformations into durable, aesthetically usable poem.


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Your artwork is calm beauty.

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