#14 winter solstice 2011

Being sensitive to the short days, they become more evident when it's a gray day. There were a few lit moments when the sun slid low in the sky and light streamed in long angles. A little brilliance does wonders for my outlook.

14 xmas cactus.jpg"the day was sliding
toward its provincial graveyard
and between the bread and the
I remember
in the window"

--Pablo Neruda, from To  Sadness, translated by Stephen Mitchell in Selected Poems


The image and the words are a perfect end to my day. I want to paint your lively shadows and the light and forms that created them. Thanks! Exquisite!

Louise was intuitive enough, as usual, to send me the link to your pot and Mr. Neruda's words. It was an unremitting, gray day here in the midwest, and my spirits needed an attitude adjustment. Thank you.

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