#11 winter solstice 2011

Watching the moon tonight I had a moment of vertigo,
It was as if branches were fences or brush strokes,
days were years,
pots were children and vines are
veins that connect all my friends.

11 folded jars and vine.jpgKeeping Still
If late at night, when watching the moon, you still

sometimes get vertigo, it's understandable

that you wish suddenly and hard for fences, for someone

to marry you. Desiring a working knowledge,

needing to know some context by heart, you might

accept anything: the room without windows,
the far and frozen North, or the prairie.

-- Marie Howe, in The Good Thief


SIx months ago I sat on the shore in Acadia Maine with my 18 year old as she prepared to move away from home and go off to college. The moon was full that night, just like tonight, and the reflection on the water seemed to create a path that led from us there on the rocks straight out to the moon on the horizon. It seemed to say, come and follow your new path, you will be fine. It was magic! and tonight I called her at school and we saw the moon from separate places but together, also magic! and she is fine :)

Tracy, your writing is beautiful. It reads like a paragraph out of an Alice Munro novel.

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