#7 winter solstice 2010

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Today was one of those days when the natural world was crisp with connections from the dog walk at first light to the new moon after sunset. I live for the full moon but I always think of my brother Steve who loves the new moon because to him it is the symbol of hope.

07 moon vase.jpg

by Kay Ryan

What's the use
of something
as unstable
and diffuse as hope --
the almost-twin
of making-do,
the isotope
of going on:
what isn't in
the envelope
just before
it isn't
the always tabled
righting of the present

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Catherine, I am especially fond of #6&7 because they remind me of the solstice circles found at Chaco Canyon on Fajada Butte and at other places in the southwest. The vases shown with the circles are wonderfully evocative of solsticial concepts. Thanks for putting those images together!


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