#21 winter solstice 2010

So here it the shortest day of the year.
now I can start to look forward to a slightly longer bit of light each day!
Enjoy the full moon and if your on the east coast the lunar eclipse.



Dear Catherine! This year's drawings and forms are just spectacular, and also touching. It seems you are in a riptide of creative flow and generosity! Thank you so much for keeping this ritual alive, creeping up to the Winter Solstice. Salutations to all, Trew

Thank you Catherine, again, for your thoughtful, elegant images and accompanying words and poetry. Your series is something I've started to count on at this time of year to slow me down, make me look, and stay in touch. Peace and (more) light!

Thanks so much for the sensitive relationships revealed in the juxtapositions of the hard and soft. They seemed to be drawing on each other like a magnet. Well done. Luv you.

For me, your work really captures the soul of nature, and this group of drawings, as if pot shadows, or pot spirit images really grounds me.So truthful, Mary D

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