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On a recent trip to Rhode Island brushes caught my eye. 

brushes-antique.jpgThen, visiting David Harrington in Bristol, he took me to see his studio in a nearby old mill building.

brushes-tools.jpgDavid and his studio mate had a beautiful collection of brushes and tools.

brushes-bristol.jpgWhen I got home I looked at my own homemade brushes with a fresh eye.

brushes-cw-1.jpgI started making brushes in college. At first I just loved how they looked. I made all of these but the one furthest to the left which I bought on Canal Street (NYC) in 1979 from a street vendor who said he bought it in Afghanistan. The longer I had them around the more committed I became to using them, to finding the voice of collaboration between each brush, a material, and my hand. They are made of my hair, grasses, feathers and animal fur with bamboo for the handle--at least until that binder clip comes in handy.

brushes-cw-2.jpg"I don't have to lay on the couch and see a therapist because my therapist is in my paint brushes."
Abbey Lincoln

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