summer solstice #17 2010

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On mother's day I decided it was time to get my tomatoes in the ground. The first step however, was to pull up the towering forest of dill. I cut the dill into bunches, collected ten older vases and gave the bouquets to ten women as my random act of kindness. I always love the volunteer plants that come up by seed. I usually move them to garden beds so the paths stay clear. But by the end of the summer navigating my paths holds no straight lines and it more resembles following the ox bows of a lazy river. The dill forest has been restricted drastically, but it still towers in parts of the garden and it waved beautiful like a yellow flag in today's June breezes.

17-dill.jpg"It seems clear now, in that way that the unexpected can sometimes take hold of intent, thwarting and subverting it, that following the path of the river is as important as crossing it. A river can connect every bit as effectively as it divides."  Just Beneath the Surface, Akiko Busch

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