summer solstice #1 2010

June begins with sun and heat as I start to photograph and write. Embarking on this series of twenty-one images, I have a sense of direction and a definition of boundaries, but also an allowance to take advantage of the uncertainties that occur as I move between the natural world and the one I am imagining.

1-leek-flower.jpgLast June, when I planted needle-sized leek seedlings, I never thought they would survive the winter snows and bloom with such robust exuberance.

 "It is not unusual to begin something--a book, a painting, a pot, a walk, a recipe, a relationship,a marriage, any enterprise of the mind or heart--in a state of uncertainty. But I wonder now if something like uncertainty isn't also a good place to end up."
--The Ecology of Uncertainty by Akiko Busch


So happy to see you posting again. Love the vase -- and the leeks -- & the uncertainty presented by the leeks -- full in the vase opening & the vase's teetering stability . . . . .

What exquisite lines, Catherine. Thank you for such an inspiring image.

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