#17 summer solstice 2015

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This week we have started each day picking high bush blueberries. Most of my local friends also have bushes and we have been comparing notes on when and how we pick and mulch and protect our crop. Mostly I go out and pick and smile and think of the book Blueberries for Sal. I have very fond memories of the blue-black illustrations by Robert McClosky of a mother and daughter picking blueberries. I related to Sal in her overalls and her inability to fill her bucket because she ate most of the berries. The short version of the story is that Sal and her mom go out to pick berries. Mom heads uphill filling her bucket so they can preserve them for winter, while Sal sits and eats most of hers. On the other side of the hill a bear cub and her mom echo their actions. When both youngsters are done eating their fill they go in search of their Moms and somehow Sal follows the mother bear and the cub follows Sal's mom and how will they all find their way safely home?
  I can understand Sal's impatience with her inability to fill her bucket and the sound of berries hitting the near empty bottom of the bucket. And there were times as a kid when I reached for the wrong Mom.

17 white-berries-2015.jpg "Keplink, Kerplank, Kerplunk," the sound of berries hitting the bottom of the empty bucket.

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