#10 summer solstice 2015

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I dream intensely and tend to bore my family as I tell them how I walked through a world of light and that my hand could shape whatever my mind imagined. In my dreams I often walk with my mother. I hold her elbow and we walk slowly in the snow or draw perched on the rocky Maine shore or sit on my grandmother's porch on Duck Pond Lane. She rarely speaks except once when she showed me a cabinet of candles in the New York City loft. This was after we had emptied  the place and I had been floored by how many candles had been squirreled away in drawers, shelves and boxes. Last night I dreamt that drawing on the floor with long handled brushes had healing powers.

10-white-onions-2015.jpgMore Awake In Dreams

Many are more awake, with greater
abilities in dreams, than in the daylight.

I walked through a world last night of
such exquisite intricacies . . . in my sleep
some might say.

But no, it was not really like that. It
was surely as real as any place you ever

Whatever the hand can shape and make
last . . . the advanced mind can do a

Daniel Ladinsky, A Year With  Hafiz, June 20

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