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hope and change


The night after the inauguration I downloaded my photos of the crowds on the mall. Images of the quilts that women wrapped themselves in along with photos of Obama and his family infiltrated my dreams. The hats with Obama's name the t-shirts that said, "yes we did," flashed before me again and again . And then Amanda's black gloves floated in front of my eyes with the words inscribed on each finger... hope and change.


The lines of Elizabeth Alexander's poem invited me in. A friend suggested we memorize it and that idea pushed my attention. Collages give me a reason to copy compulsively, line-by-line, and layering color adds inspiration. Cutting, pasting, cropping, and seeing contrast made it illegible. all of which led me to make a poem-inspired series of text plates.

Thumbnail image for inauguarion-collage.jpgI have learned to bump into the world in words. Intuitively, I translate the planet in images and movement. I roll my clay into flat sheets like pie crust. I layer the raspberry red earth with a coat of creamy white slip. And then I inscribe it with the velvet and spinney words of  Alexander's poem.

poem-plates.jpgThe language is whispered and declaimed in my scratching scrawl. Considered as expressions, each line is copied as they are committed to my Swiss-cheese memory. I cross the gravel road and pound these pancakes of clay into vessels for deep ideas. We are walking with raw materials into that which we cannot see. I am hand lettering these words into plates to place them at the kitchen table, shrine of the everyday. The sharp sparkle of winter light has inspired new equipment to be made, new sentences begun. I have moved past the brink and am walking forward into the reflected light of an icy morning.



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