#9 winter solstice 2009

Last night I taught the final class for the semester at Hood College in Frederick, MD. I try to instill a sense in my students that drawing is valuable for clay artists. I want them to see with their fingers and leave marks both in clay and paper as they define their path. I left Frederick just as it began to snow and the roads were immediately slippery. To drive last night, at first through the Maryland snow with no visibility, and later through the Virginia freezing rain, was to to drive with eyes in the tires of my car. I could only see as far as the beamed headlights reached; it was a great metaphor for the path of the artist. We make one choice at a time based on a small visible, yet slippery section of the road.

09-squash1.jpg       "To fall
is to return,
        to fall is to rise.
To live is to have eyes in one's fingertips,"

Quoted from Octavio Paz at the end of A match to the heart


Though I knew that you were in the DC area, I had no idea that you taught at Hood. We must know some of the same people, as I am in the Potter's Guild of Frederick.

That was quite the blast of snow that we got the other night, I drove through it (slowly) on my way home from the pottery school.

I have been meaning to thank you for making me aware of "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek" through the quotes and the end of your posts. All of them have been quite profound and inspiring. I have recently gotten a copy and I am looking forward to reading it.

Lovely story about the weather down your way, Catherine. And equally lovely photo and pot. As are all the posts in this series. Still love your work. Good to see it again after many years.

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