#8 winter solstice 2009

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When I was in my 20's I remember my mother told me that she brought me up with the idea that as the only girl with three brothers that I was as strong as they were. As we reminisced she was recovering from a broken wrist. Her broken bone made her feel a new kind of fragility and had her rethinking the differences in strength between men and women. I try to walk without a limp and exercise and feel like a wimp as I pick my way carefully around dogs and slippery spots.

08-garlic-braid.jpg" 'You have always been so strong. Now it is time to learn about being weak.'... How could I grow strong by becoming weak, I asked. I was being purposefully naive. What he was asking for was balance."
-- as told to Gretel Ehrlich by Takashi, a farmer-monk from southern Japan [in a match to the heart].

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was to to drive with eyes in the tires of my car. I could only see as far as the beamed headlights reached; it was a great metaphor for the path of the artist. We make one choice at a time based on a small visible, yet slippery section of the road.

Ah How beautiful and true, and yes the emails are helpful to remember to gain sustenance each day from your website


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