#7 winter solstice 2009

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"The Arctic people of Labrador say that a person is born empty: dreams fill him, and a person who doesn't dream is no better than a black fly."
--Gretel Ehrlich, a match to the heart

07-garlic-pod.jpgOn Saturday we had our first snow. I have been having intense dreams of skiing both in my backyard and on steep unknown mountains. Today the driveway was slippery and I cautiously made my way back and forth from studio to house and car. At one point, the dog was excited and ran at me with huge happy leaps. I crouched low to the ground and spread my arms wide, speaking to her in low tones. Warren said I lowered gracefully as if practicing tai chi and warding off the lightning speed of puppy energy. It is as if my dreams are filling in what my normal instincts are at this time of year. The sunset colors came early and the view of the mountains provided a closing punctuation to the day.

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