#6 winter solstice 2009

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"The tides know everything about habit, but also everything about cleansing and healing."
--Gretel Ehrich, A match to the heart

06-paper-wasp.jpgSometimes Warren gently pokes fun of my habits and routines. I eat the same thing for breakfast nine times out of ten.  I like to read the paper for a few minutes, drink coffee and write in my journal. I see my habits shifting in small increments, just as daily tides cycle around the clock. Routine allows the influx of new material and the output of ideas. This repetitive process  cleanses my list of doubts and with my injury helps document the pace of healing.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed your juxtapositions of your work with ones from nature. But this one was particularly enjoyable.
A paper wasp nest has been accompanying me for the last thirty-years of so. Sadly, it has lost some of its strength now and has collapsed on itself, however, the patterns in the "paper" are still quite visible and from time to time, I have incorporated pieces in little artworks.

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