#5 winter solstice 2009

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Last night with snow in the forecast I picked the last calendula flowers by flashlight in the garden and a few herbs when the lemon peppers caught my eye. Today, I hunkered down, enjoying the snow. I read about traveling in Greenland and spoke to a painter friend in southern California. The soft blanket of fresh white transformed the landscape, my California friend spoke of the shadows that inspire her painting. It was if the words of our conversation left the weight of imprints in the snow. A poet lives in the moments of transitions, seeing memory as shadows or a house as a shell or the night as a river. As artists we find meaning in the overlooked.

05-leaf-plate.jpg"She said she wanted the dancers to be carried by movement and also driven by it; to show how memories are weighted differently, how time is changed, how some memories leave shadows."
--Gretel Ehrlich,
Arctic Heart: a poem cycle

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