#4 winter solstice 2009

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Today was full of firsts since September when I fractured my tibia. I woke before dawn and before Warren. I walked the dog ( without crutches!) and I went to yoga.
In the predawn light I looked up at the silhouette of a tree against the slightly lighter, cloudy sky. In the branches were big objects which at first I thought were big magnolia seed pods until they shifted and cawed when I realized there were 12 crows clustered in a wild cherry tree.

The silhouettes reminded me of one of my favorite later prints of my Mom's of a single crow. It hung over the dresser in their Maine cabin bedroom. And it is stored in my memory like this morning's image of a dozen black birds in the dark branches. Fueled by the birds I returned to my yoga class where I breathed deep and stretched wide, making connections between the movement of the body and how it sparks the mind to make new connections in the visual and tactile world.

[ A seed pod from our big leafed magnolia]

"To be inspired is to have accepted spirit into the lungs and heart, to watch it circulate through miles of blood vessels and capillaries whose tiny fenestrations allow oxygen, nutrients and grace to leak into the tissue of muscle and consciousness, then be taken up again, reoxyginated, and returned."
 --Gretel Ehrlich A match to the heart

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beautifully evocative photo and writing... i love crows. i'm wondering how you fractured your tibia. a week or so ago i hit my shin on a coffee table really hard and broke a blood vessel... haven't had an xray but it still hurts. oh, those magnolia seed pods are the best, i used to bring one home whenever i found one.

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