#20 winter solstice 2009

The tiniest remains of the orange sunset linger and ignite the contrast of hill and sky. The indigo blue of the night snow is like a river of reflective surface. A week ago my friend Willi offered me a huge pomegranate for my photo and I told him I was trying to use objects from my or nearby gardens. Now that the ground is buried in snow drifts, I reach for the clementines on the counter to flavor my palette of images. I break my own rules, relying on an intuitive direction for this year's solstice series.

20-tangerines-on-white.jpg"Darkness reconciles all time and disparity. It is a kind of rapture in which life is no longer lived brokenly. In it we are seers with no eyes. The polar night is one-flavored, without past or future. It is the smooth medium of present time, of time beyond time, a river that flows between dreaming and waking."
--Gretel Ehrlich, This Cold Heaven, p. 47.


I cannot remember how many years you have included me in your Solstice Musings. This 2009 series has struck a deeper chord in me ... perhaps it is only that I am older now and in my own winter solstice. The onslaught of dark has not affected me as in earlier years. Am I moving toward the light? The tantalizing quotes you chose often reverberated against my own knowings, forcing me to see, ever so slightly, differently. Thank you, Catherine, for your shared daily meditation.


Your clementines look like they have their own plate of snow...

so lovely....this one is one of my favorites! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! xoxoM

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